35% ROI in 10days

10% Daily profit growth for 15days


Royalbit! A sustainable long term cryptotrading investment to help you become a smart investor! 

We use an automated trading strategy to make you earn great returns on investments in either BITCOIN or ETHEREUM

Started back in 2013, ROYALBIT Group was started with big dreams and a strong belief in our capabilities. FIVE years later, we can proudly stand toe-to-toe with almost any business enterprise in the world in the investment sector. We associate our success to our ability to adapt to changing situations and scenarios in the world and to our knack of continuing to make shrewd and timely decisions to bring the most value to our valued investors and clients.

The establishment of this online investment portal in 2018 is another step in this direction with the idea to open up investment opportunities all around the globe. We, as a company, have always adopted a policy of never trusting on our laurels and this is why are always on the lookout for opportunities to propel ourselves further forward. We believe that this website can help our company find further success while also reflecting our company’s policies, mission and objectives to the fullest extent possible.

We have thus found a way to help you do the work, analysis,trading through our experienced and intelligent forex traders, to help you earn daily based on any of our packages bought irrespective of the direction in which the market moves, all at ZERO risk.

Only the smart ones know an opportunity when it avails itself,

Leverage on our advanced cryptocurrency traders to earn!

Support Guarantee

Good support uplifts one’s confidence. It is reassuring that people are available to answer the queries. The investor feels a sense of security. This is why we guarantee you good quality support.


A chat window is always active on the site. If you have any queries regarding the investment plan or the investment you have already made, just come to the site and our team of professionals will assist you.


For any issues you have, you can open a ticket with us. We guarantee that you will receive a response within 24 hours from our team.


If you face any technical difficulties in interacting with the bots or need assistance regarding the same, our team is always available to help you.


Funded 36.00 on 2019-03-10 22:05:27-

segdai received 2000.00 on 2019-03-10 13:22:10-segdai

Pier1980 received 99.00 on 2019-03-10 13:20:12-Pier1980

MissBee received 107.00 on 2019-03-10 13:18:41-MissBee

Pier1980 received 99.00 on 2019-03-10 12:38:29-Pier1980

Funded 25.00 on 2019-03-09 03:10:37-

Funded 208.00 on 2019-03-08 20:30:51-

Funded 10.00 on 2019-03-08 19:55:18-

Funded 20.00 on 2019-03-08 19:25:07-

Funded 100.00 on 2019-03-08 15:10:18-

Funded 27.00 on 2019-03-08 14:25:24-

Funded 50.00 on 2019-03-08 12:45:38-

Funded 98.00 on 2019-03-08 12:40:13-

Funded 90.00 on 2019-03-06 08:14:37-

Funded 5.00 on 2019-03-03 21:33:28-

segdai received 2000.00 on 2019-02-25 00:16:00-segdai


Is there an app to use Royalbit
A. We presently run on a fully encrypted and secured website, there are other communities to meet with.

What is the minimum investment that I can make?
A. The minimum investment values are: 25$ for BTC, 0.03 for ETH, and the maximum investment are $100000 depending on the packages involved

In what way does the investment plan work?
A. Royalbit runs on a three package system, Package one 35% returns every 10days (capital and profit inclusive). Minimum of 20$ Maximum of 10000$

A second package of 10% daily returns for 15days.
A third package is a weekend package
How much profit can I expect to make?
A. From the calculations mentioned above 5% profit is guaranteed on your investment for the 24hours plan, 30% profit is guaranteed on the 7days plan

35% profit is guaranteed on the 8days daily plan

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